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Swiger Coil Systems is America's Leading Supplier of traction motors and generator equipment and services. Over 10,000 traction motors were repaired in the past 5 years using our expert experience and methodical electric motor repair process. Swiger Coil Systems is also a well known traction motor manufacturer and has a wide array of available traction motor parts.

Traction Motor Repair
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30 Years of Traction Motor Repair Experience

Swiger Coil has repaired and manufactured traction motors for over 30 years. Our process has continually improved to provide our customers will flawless service and execution. Our extensive experience allows us to repair traction motors in less than two weeks.

Our Basic Overhaul Includes:Traction Motor Repair

  • Disassemble motor
  • Clean all parts
  • Inspect all metal parts for distortion and wear
  • Electrical test the armature and field coils
    • Surge test
    • Ground test
  • Core loss test the armature
  • VPI the armature and frame in SILICONE resin. 
    • Note, if the unit was processed in anything but silicone, it will be VPI’d in Polyester or a Co-polymer, your choice
  • Turn, undercut, and balance the armature
  • Test the armature and field coils after VPI
  • New brushes
  • New bearings
  • Rebuilt brush holders
  • New seals and gaskets
  • New hardware
  • Run test the motor under no load condition.
    • Load testing is not requested, but is available for an additional cost if required.
  • Check the running vibration on the assembled motor
  • Paint the motor


TestingExtensive Testing and Quality Assurance

To ensure every traction motor adheres to the highest quality and reliability, Swiger Coil thoroughly tests all repaired traction motors. We utilize core testing, load testing and high speed run outs to ensure that the motor will operate to specifications. In addition,ourOEMMotors are repaired with 100% inspection on all parts to eliminate component failure. We also perform AC/DC Highpot testing and rewind all armatures and the stators to ensure quality. Swiger Coil is ISO 9001-2008 Certified so that our customers understand our commitment to quality.

Our customers love our business because of our meticulous attention to detail and understanding of the mission critical role traction motor repair plays in their business.

Wide Range of Manufacturers

• EMD • GE • ABB • Westinghouse • WABCO • Stone Safety •

• Bombardier • Toyo-Denki • Hitachi • Ansaldo Breda •

  • Repair & rebuild DC traction motors Rebuilt Traction Motor
  • Armature coils and armature winding service available
  • New or re-insulated main & interpole coils installed
  • New commutators, core laminations, shafts installed
  • VPI - Polyester and silicone resins
  • Armature commutator spin seasoning available
  • Core testing, load test, high speed run outs
  • AC/DC traction motor repair
  • Air conditioning motor rebuild
  • Controller rebuild
  • Traction motor blowers
  • Propulsion equipment blowers
  • Vacuum pressure impregnation
  • Compressor motor rebuild
  • Authorized Traction Motor Repairs
    • Exclusive authorized repair and remanufacture center for Westinghouse Air Brake Company (WABCO), owner of the former Stone Safety Service Corporation DC motors.
    • Authorized licensee for repair and remanufacture of Adtranz traction motors; Agreement inclusive of motors, coils and components.
  • Rebuild Track Brakes
  • Remanufacture Reactor Coils Traction Motor Repair

We can also include repair or replacement of:

  • Labyrinths
  • Baffle ring
  • Pole pieces
  • Replacement brush holders (new)
  • Thrust collars
  • Distance piece
  • Terminal boxes
  • Drip guards
  • Bearing bores
  • Shaft replacement with
    bore out costs
  • Vent guards


Contact Swiger Coil

Swiger Coil is committed to providing the best customer service and products.  Contact us today for more information about our products or services and what they can do for your business.

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Director of Traction and Transit Motors
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David McLean
Traction Motor Sales Manager
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Cell: 216.386.7555
Fax: 216.362.1496

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