Stator Winding

Stator Winding
Armature Winding   

A stator winding is simply the stationary winding in an electric motor, either for rotary or lstator windinginear. The stator in an AC motor is a wire coil, called a stator winding, which is built into the motor. When this coil is energized by AC power, a rotating magnetic field is produced.

The stator windings have a very low resistance and the winding is also insulated from the frame.  The motor stator winding is identical to a generator armature that has a like amount of poles. Each stator winding is overlapped and is electrically and mechanically 120 degrees out of phase.

Our Process

  • Insulate stator core
  • Install coils
  • Wedge coils
  • Braze series and lead connections
  • Install external leads
  • Test
    • Electrical
    • Mechanical
  • VPI
  • Clean and test
  • Install and ship to customers
  • stator electrical test

The Swiger Coil Difference

Swiger Coil Systems has extensive expertise in customized precision stator winding manufacturing for transit and industrial markets. Armature winding and refurbishing services for traction motors are also available.

Capabilities and Technologies

New manufacturing equipment has been added in all departments and we've invested over $2 million in our business in the past few years.

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