About Us

Swiger Coil Systems is a Cleveland, Ohio company founded in 1975, ISO certified in 1994, and AAR Certified in 2008. Swiger Coil Systems began by supplying electric motor repair shops and large industrial captive motor repair shops with rapid service manufacturing of form-type electric motor and generator coils. As Swiger grew, we invested by adding more people and capabilities, and then expanding into manufacturing coils for OEMs, primarily those building large AC and DC motors. Soon they began manufacturing and remanufacturing traction motors for the mass transit industry and OEMs. Swiger Coil Systems has grown from its original three employees to a company that currently has more than 200 employees doing business throughout the world. Swiger now occupies more than 200,000 square feet of manufacturing space in Ohio.
Swiger Coil Systems
Swiger Coil Systems manufactures and rebuilds AC and DC traction motors, reactor assemblies, and controller assemblies for the mass transit industry. In addition, they manufacture and supply many components such as pole pieces and armature laminations. They have expanded to manufacture complete motors and generators for OEMs in alternative energy markets. Swiger continues to manufacture a variety of coils for industrial and power generation markets including armature coils, stator coils, field coils, large Edgewound coils, solenoid coils, special transformer coils, high energy coils and many others.

Swiger has now grown to be North America's leading supplier of traction motor equipment and traction motor repair services as well as a leading coil manufacturer who pride themselves in Superior Customer Service.

Mission Statement

One team, quality products, most responsive, lower costs, great marketing and customers who love us.